AI-powered identity verification, eKYC, and transaction monitoring

Out of the box, you may deploy hundreds of risk rules tailored to your specific sector risk vectors.
KYC Platform

Redesign how you create and maintain online trust .It's past time to redefine what it means to know and trust your online customers.

IPass ID Verification

IPass allows for real-time automatic ID verification, which protects customer data while also ensuring KYC/AML compliance.

IPass Video Verification

Banks and financial institutions can use remote customer onboarding.

AML Solution

AML Compliance Solutions from Start to Finish


Our cloud-based transaction monitoring solution can help you spot suspicious activity.

Social media lookup

Out of the box, you may deploy hundreds of risk rules tailored to your specific sector risk vectors.

About IPass

AI-powered identity verification, eKYC, and
transaction monitoring

In today’s digital economy, fraudsters and money
launderers have no place. To avoid fraud and financial
crime, internet firms must know and trust that their
clients are who they say they are – and that they will
remain trustworthy. 


Informed AI

Making the Most of Intelligent AI. True data and identity expertise inform artificial intelligence.

Better data extraction results

IPass uses OCR to extract important data from an ID document, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Face-Based Biometrics

A Vital Layer of Defense Against Identity Theft and Impersonation

Liveness Detection

A Must-Have Biometric-Based Verification Feature

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