Informed AI

Making the Most of Intelligent AI

Informed AI is a novel approach to AI that incorporates big data sets, establishes ground truth (through intelligent labelling), and makes use of real-world production data. All too often, AI models are built using smaller data sets that have been incorrectly classified, resulting in bias. IPass's identity verification processes are faster, more accurate, and have less built-in prejudice thanks to the use of informed AI.

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Informed AI

Informed AI is at the heart of IPass.

True data and identity expertise inform artificial intelligence.

IPass's online identity verification solutions include informed AI, allowing you to provide a better, smarter, and faster online identity verification experience.

Informed by large data sets

Large data sets provide insight Hundreds of millions of domain-specific data pieces inform IPass's AI.

From UK driver's licenses to Bahamian national ID cards and everything in between, our data sets include a wide range of ID document types and subtypes. As a result, our AI models can support a wide range of ID types (over 3,500) with high confidence and precision.

Informed by identity experts

Specialists in the field of identity It's difficult to establish ground truth in the realm of online identity.

IPass's AI algorithms are built on datasets tagged by the industry's best verification specialists. Human review (agents who tag our verifications to keep our algorithms honest) has helped our AI become smarter and faster.

Informed by production data

As a result of production data IPass's AI models were built using almost a decade of real-world production data rather than academic data sets. This helps to remove some of the bias inherent in off-the-shelf data sets, which many start-ups have relied on to get their AI modeling off the ground.

Real data translates to better, more informed, and bias-free AI, resulting in faster and more accurate verifications.

Keep fraud out of your online channel.


Intelligent AI

Exceptionally quick and precise Use IPass's intelligent AI to automate the online identity verification process and achieve the greatest accuracy rates in the industry. Get precise answers in a matter of seconds while reducing the barriers that stand in the way of good customers and your company.


As Simple as a Selfie

Verify your customers' digital identities at any time, from wherever, using the device they always have on them: their cellphones. Your user only needs to take a corroborating selfie after snapping a picture of their ID, and their online identities are reliably validated in seconds.


Verify from any location and on any device.

Verify over 3,500 different types of government-issued IDs from over 200 nations and territories. With mobile SDK, webcam, API, or mobile web implementation options, you may verify across channels.


Easy On Good Customers

Reduce the amount of steps and time required to onboard new clients, resulting in a more user-friendly experience. Allow users to course correct in real-time by providing explicit reason codes for initial failure when environmental variables such as glare, blur, or poor lighting hinder proper online verification.

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