Trusted Identity Verification for Telecom

SIM Swap Fraud Must Be Stopped, and Subscriber Identity Must Be Protected

In the last five years, reports of SIM switch fraud have increased by 400%. IPass's biometric-based identity verification and authentication solutions can assist ensure that only legitimate account owners receive phone numbers.

Solutions Across the Telecom Industry

Beyond SMS-based two-factor verification, use biometric authentication to help call centre personnel distinguish legitimate requests from fraudulent ones, and safeguard your subscribers from SIM swap fraud.

Allow your customers to create new accounts – anytime, anywhere — with integrated identity verification to simplify the remote onboarding process. This will decrease online abandonment and increase subscriber numbers.

Verify clients' identity documents and ensure that the person holding the credit card is who they claim they are to reduce payment and CNP fraud.

IPass complies with PCI-DSS Level 1 and undertakes security audits, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests on a regular basis to guarantee compliance with security best practices and standards.

With biometric-based authentication, you can protect your subscribers' online accounts from account takeovers and give them more trust that the person login into their accounts is the account owner.

Instantly extract payment information, client names, and, if applicable, address information.

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