IPass Video Verification

Banks and financial institutions can use far flung customer onboarding.

Banks and other financial institutions in a number of European, Latin American and Asian countries are allowed to use a video-based customer identification process for KYC, enabling these institutions to remotely onboard customers instead of requiring them to physically visit a branch office. Moreover, we expect other industries such as online gaming to require video verification in the near future.

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Convert more clients and dramatically decrease abandonment rates.

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Stop fraudsters and money launderers from the start, and preserve them out.

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Meet strict requirements for AML and KYC compliance.

3 Modes of Video Verification



Customers are identified by video help technology in the aided mode, and dedicated or shared agents communicate with them in real-time through browser or mobile.



Customers will capture a video of their identity documents, snap a picture of their face, and perform a liveness test without the assistance of an online agent in unaided mode. Verification is accomplished using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and expert assessment.

Platform Only

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Customers are identified and authenticated by video help technology staffed by your agents if you wish to use our platform.

How It Works

Product Highlights


Fraud Deterrence

The video-based eKYC method combines human interaction, machine learning, and AI-powered software to provide a significant disincentive for cybercriminals who don't want to reveal their identities when committing a crime.

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Simplify Customer Onboarding

It's simple to use and integrates into your new account onboarding process. Replace the time-consuming procedure of physically checking papers with a faster, more cost-effective online option.

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Custom Solutions

You have the option of using the Video Verification platform on its own or enlisting the help of our agents. You can also protect your digital assets by properly recording all relevant evidence and ensuring that all data acquired during video verification sessions is securely kept.

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Convert Good Customers

Verify your users with confidence and less friction with a procedure that is far more efficient than in-person customer verification.


Meet Compliance Mandates

Comply with regional and worldwide AML and eKYC regulations by screening applicants to help prevent money laundering and other financial crimes, backed up by a defensible video-based audit trail.



AES 256-bit encryption is used to transport and store all data. IPass complies with PCI-DSS Level 1.

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