Face-Based Biometrics

A Vital Layer of Defense Against Identity Theft and Impersonation

We can use IPass's biometric technology to confirm that the ID document belongs to the person making the transaction. Biometrics provides an important layer of defense against stolen IDs and impersonation attempts.

All your users have to do is take a selfie, which is a straightforward and familiar action for them. This selfie is used by IPass to generate a biometric template and perform advanced facial scanning. We create two scores: one for validity and one for face resemblance, by comparing the user's facial biometrics to the photo on the ID document. The validity score indicates whether the selfie is a genuine, live selfie rather than a recorded video, bot, or deepfake. The similarity score, which is also based on AI, reflects the degree of confidence that the image in the selfie matches the image in the identity document. We warn you about the danger of impersonation fraud if the similarity score is too low.

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