KYC Platform

Redesign how you create and maintain online trust.

It's past time to redefine what it means to know and trust your online customers. The KYX Platform enables you to synchronize the controls and assurances required to build trust in your online channels, comply with AML/KYC regulations, and combat fraud and financial crime.

The KYC Engine

User Experience

Award-winning online experience keeps loyal consumers coming for even more.

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are at the heart of this solution with unrivalled real-world production data sets.

Workflows that are unique to you

Utilize KYC services by your specific use case, risk appetite, and budget.

Coverage Across the Globel

I Pass covers over 200 nations and territories and over 3,500 ID types at any time and from anywhere.

Corroboration and Identity Proofing

ID Verification (IDV)

A set of global automated and hybrid methods for confirming government-issued identification cards and papers.

Authentication Using Biometrics

Unlock user accounts with a selfie-like technique that's more powerful than SMS-based two-factor authentication.

Identity Databases based on eKYC

Check user names, addresses, IP addresses, and other information against publicly available directories.

Databases of the Federal Government

Check that the information provided by the user or derived from the ID card matches the information maintained by the legal document's issuing jurisdiction.

Intelligence of Devices

Determine the IP address, operating system, and age of a device. Find out if a fraudster is attempting to defraud you online by employing GPS emulation, device rooting, or a VPN.

Verification via phone

Analyze a phone number's metadata and compare it to known problematic numbers to provide a solid signal of its legitimacy.

Verification of Email

Determine whether or not an email ID was generated automatically and assess its risk based on its legitimacy, domain, age, and velocity. Verification of addresses

Services for Addressing

Verify that the address is valid and that the user actually lives there (address validation) (proof of residence).

AML Solutions

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
AML Screening

New users are screened for global and regional sanctions and watchlists, PEPs data, and negative media.

Monitoring of Transactions

Allow your compliance team to monitor transactions in real-time so they can make better decisions faster and reduce the risk of financial crime.

Investigation and Case Management

Get access to powerful tools to help your compliance team function at its best. Examine cases from both within and outside of IPass’s detecting software.

IPass uses cutting-edge technology to help you with your Identify Verification procedure

50+ supports 50+ different languages (Latin & Non-Latin)
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3,500+ supports more than 3,500 ID Documents
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200+ Countries & territories
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