Liveness Detection

A Must-Have Biometric-Based Verification Feature

Legacy identity verification and authentication techniques have been compromised as a result of large-scale data breaches and the rise of the dark web. Because of deepfakes, bots, and advanced spoofing techniques, liveness detection is now a must in any biometric-based verification system. To combat the well-documented flaws in less robust liveness solutions that are vulnerable to spoofing, IPass adds NIST-compliant liveness detection.

IPass avoids gesture-based gimmicks like requiring a user to blink, move their eyes, or utter a random passcode since they add friction to the experience and can be readily tracked by basic spoofing techniques. The user only needs to hold their mobile device at a natural angle for IPass's liveness detection to work. The solution then uses advanced selfie technology to do liveness and anti-spoofing detection to ensure the user is real (not a photo, video, or paper copy), isn't wearing a mask, and is physically present at the time of detection.

IPass's liveness detection has completed NIST/NVLAP Accredited Lab iBeta's ISO Presentation Attack Detection Levels 1 and 2 testing, which was done in line with the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard and the ISO/IEC 30107-1 framework. Furthermore, a variety of third-party organizations, including national governments, have thoroughly evaluated it.

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